Sustainable Model

WorldCupSports was created by a team of people who all have a deep love for the sport of soccer and wanted to create a blockchain-based platform dedicated to the global soccer community. WorldCupSports' mission is to make football-related content easily accessible to not only football officials but also players, fans, and anyone else with an interest in the sport. The mission is to reach out to football fans everywhere by fusing football with cryptocurrency, as the name suggests.
In recent months, "Play to Earn" games have seen a surge in popularity thanks to the success of Axie Infinity. WorldCupSports' ultimate goal is to build a community where users can take part in various activities and receive cryptocurrency for their efforts. WorldCupSports has developed a self-sustaining model by combining the most important features of blockchain games and creating a user-friendly, competitive, fair, and wholly original game system.
Users of WorldCupSports are urged to participate in every facet of the game, from trading players and venues to taking part in leagues, tournaments, and one-on-one duels. Options that are quick, easy, and fair to all parties involved. The game's economic system and player participation can lead to player rewards.
The primary motivation behind developing WorldCupSports was the desire to make a product that players would enjoy for a long time. Further, a reworked economic framework will let players make UNLIMITED money through honest competition in battles without negatively impacting the game's economy.
Last modified 1yr ago