How much does WCS cost?

There is no predetermined price for WCS. WCS per BNB increases with TVL, but WCS decreases with TVL. This offers a level playing field so that no user is late. There is NO calculator available to calculate this.

What is my daily percentage going to be?

The daily percentage can reach 5%.

Can I have my initials returned?

No, because our pool is a locked rewards pool. Your initial investment is repaid over time through the dApp's my rewards area.

Why aren't my referrals appearing?

Your referrals appear in the dApp's 'Team' section. The referral fee is 10% of the deposit. 1 BNB deposit = 0.10 BNB

What are the costs?

ALL deposits and withdrawals are subject to a 3% charge. Standard BSC network gas fees are charged for ALL deposits and withdrawals.

What keeps the developers from pulling the rug?

The contract is unchangeable and has been thoroughly audited by CFG Ninja. As a result, it cannot be updated or amended in any way. It has been audited and validated. This may be viewed on bscscan.com, as well as the audit, which is also available on the website.

Not only that, but the contract was produced by a Pinksale SAFU Dev. The SAFU Badge indicates that the developer will not be able to manipulate the project in order to harm investors or gain an unfair advantage over them.

The team is also KYCed, which means that any rug pull will result in the team's details (ID photo, address, etc.) being released to the public and relevant law enforcement units.

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