Executive Summary

Today, the market for betting platforms is controlled by monopolists, which are big players who set the odds for different events. It makes things harder not only for the owners of smaller platforms, but also for the players themselves. Even if they win fairly, it will be hard for them to get their money because they will have to go through more steps to prove who they are and get paid less often.
In order to change things, the people behind the World Cup Sports project made a decentralised betting platform. Users will play with a shared pool of money and get their winnings through blockchain. This platform lets you bet on sports, play to earn bets, make predictions, bet P2P on exchange rates, and collect NFT art.
The decentralised platform format was chosen because it is easy to understand how things work and because DAO is becoming more and more popular. DeFi gives gamblers a chance to do things they can't do anywhere else. With a decentralised protocol, there will be no need for a bookmaker to place a bet. The market for DeFi projects is getting stronger, bigger, and more crowded, so it's clear that World Cup Sports will help it grow and develop into a brand-new decentralised betting platform where each user can see all the processes that were hidden from him before and get his winnings in a fair way.