A user makes a bet on one of the events that could happen. His balance goes into the common pool of cash, and if the bet wins, he can get the money right away. In the Web 3.0 wallet, the balance can be seen. A data oracle is used to check how each event turned out.
The way WorldCupSports does business gives users a rare chance: there are no full-fledged alternatives on the market. But we think of Augur and Stox as competitors, as well as some traditional bookmakers and other blockchain-based projects.
For now the game bet priority will be the WorldCup, but in the future we are open to more matches. The matches will be amongst the top five leagues in Europe and include matches from the Champions League, World Cup, European Cup, and other leagues! If your preferred league is not included, we will also provide you the opportunity to make a proposal that your preferred league be added later.
If your predictions of the outcomes of the matches turn out to be correct, you will be awarded our secondary token as a reward. This token will allow you to participate in our game or participate in another betting round.