About Us

Since WorldCupSports is built on the blockchain, its users can take part in the economy in a direct and unrestricted way, making it one of the most innovative and useful applications of the technology.
WorldCupSports is a self-sustaining model that combines the best features of blockchain games with a user-friendly, competitive, fair, and completely original gaming platform. The football industry is a market that is continuously expanding, and this expansion is visible internationally. However, the development of new technology and infrastructure lags behind the size of the market, which has expanded significantly.
In this regard, WorldCupSports will utilise real-world blockchain technology to provide compensatory communities such as games, NFT marketplaces, and stadiums. WorldCupSports also operates franchises and sports goods sales to provide easily accessible offline platform services. WorldCupSports(WCS) Tokens can be used for all services provided by WorldCupSports. Points earned from activities within the WorldCupSports ecosystem can be exchanged for WorldCupSports (WCS) Tokens or used to purchase goods and services within the ecosystem.